Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have no idea what to title this post

So, it's been since this summer that I have posted.  I have been chastised by many of my friends and family about updating my blog.  The truth is, I have neglected it on purpose.  Yes, that's right, I said on purpose.  I started reading back through all of the posts and the memories that my family has created over the years.  It made me so happy and sad at the same time.  I started to think that if I just stopped blogging, those memories and time would slow down.  It doesn't take a genius to realize that time didn't slow down, in fact, it sped up. 

Over the last six months we have had so many wonderful things go on in our lives and some not so good ones.  I am not going to recap over every single thing but will hit the highlights with some pictures. 

This picture makes me laugh so hard.  They were not happy about sitting here and doing this

Lillian Claire

The twins first Christmas Pageant

Gigi and Papa Bo


Mae Mae with the girls at their pageant

Uncle Timmy and Aunt Mal

Again, not happy

My sweet in-laws

Allie and Olivia's very first field trip

Lillian when she first learn to crawl.
Back to school and the twins started their first day of school. They had a hard time at first but after the first two weeks they did not want me to pick them up.
Lillian Claire turned seven months old and started crawling and the minute she realized this was getting her places, she was off and we could not stop her.

I turned 29 this month.  I had a great birthday and am looking forward to the wonderful 30!!
The kids dressed up as The Three Little Pigs for Halloween this year and made out like pigs with treats from everyone.  I have to say that they were the most adorable pigs i have ever seen.
Lillian turned 8 months old this month and started pulling up by herself.

Buddy the Elf, our Elf on the Shelf was a major part of the holiday season as he made an unexpected early arrival at our house for the holidays.  Though the twins don't fully understand Santa Claus, they sure understood Buddy The Elf.  Every time someone would try and throw a tantrum, we would quickly remind them that Buddy is watching.  It did not work all the time, of course, but it sure was nice to have more leverage since the twins are in full "terrible two's" mode.
Thanksgiving was great.  I cooked at the house again this year.  Just me, my Dad, Justin, and the girls were together and that was wonderful.  We missed everyone else but it is so hard to work every one's schedules out just right.
Lillian Claire turned 9 months old this month and started walking while holding on the things.

Santa was very good this year to the girls.  They got everything they wanted.  For some reason, the twins kept asking for fire trucks and ambulances.  So, they got them.  They also asked for a "dog" house, aka a doll house; which they got.  They didn't just get a doll house, they got the Disney princess mansion, complete with a room for each princess.  Lillian decided to be ?King Kong and tear it all down.  She turned 10 months old this month.
Our good friends Jason and Stephanie welcomed their first beautiful baby boy, Cason Allen on December 29th. 
Our other good friends Jason and Jennifer welcomed their second amazing little girl, Mollie on December 31st.
Justin and I have not spent a New Year's Eve together in probably 8 years.  So, we decided to take advantage of this and head down to the coast with friends and ring in the new year.  We left the kids with Justin's parents and had the best time we have had in a very long time with our friends.

Lillian Claire started walking on January 13th. 
My Mom had her birthday this month and her wonderful husband took her on a week vacation to Cancun with other friends.  We were not able to be with her for her actual birthday but she and my sister did come and visit.  We had a wonderful time, as we always do.  She was able to see Lillian walk and the twins be their delightful selves.
I went back to work and we started our routines in full force. 

We had Lillian Claire's 1st birthday.  It went wonderful!!!!! She is such a ham.
Stay tuned for pictures. 
Also, I took Lillian Claire yesterday for her one year check up and she weighed in at 27.04 pounds and measures 31 inches.  She is in the 97th percentile for weight and height.
Justin will turn 30 on the 9th and I have a party planned for him on the 16th.  We originally had it scheduled for February 2nd at night, however, we cancelled due to some very unexpected tragic news.
Our good friends, Jason and Stephanie, lost their four week old son February 2nd at 5 am.  We are unsure of the cause of death right now and our hearts are so heavy right now.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this unimaginable time.  We are not suppose to question why things happen.  We are human.  We all want to know why it was time for Cason to go and be with our Lord and Savior.  Even though we are all trying to figure out a reason and we selfishly want this sweet little baby to return to us, we know that he is in the most AMAZING place and we will see him again one day. 

Go hug your loved ones right now and tell them you love them. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 Year Check Up

The girls had another great day at school yesterday!  We are so happy with their school and teachers.  We have open house for them tomorrow night.  I can't believe we have made it to this point.  Anyway, I took the girls to their 2 year check up yesterday after school and here are their latest stats:

Weight  27.11 lbs (92%)
Height   36 in (56%)

Weight  31.4 lbs (90%)
Height   36.5 in (96%)

The girls did great!  They LOVE their nurse and Dr. Adams.  He was so impressed with their vocabulary and how well they put sentences together.  I told him that he tells every mom that and he said, "No Anna.  I'm serious.  I cannot believe how well they talk and how advance they are."  That makes me feel great that they are ahead of the curve.

Below are a few pictures from the beach with my Dad, Lillian's Baptism, and the girls party from this summer.  Have a great day!!
Allie enjoying a juice box on the beach.  Tough life

My Dad with Lillian Claire. This makes my heart melt

"Look at that bird!"

Twins with their cousin Koen.

Lillian Claire trying to take my camera

"Really Mom?"

The preview of the table before the birthday party.
I cut the cake before I could get a picture of her cake
My beautiful sister and me after Lillian's Baptism at the house.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet Summer Time

I know, I know, I know.  I am so terrible for not posting.  All I can say is that it has been an AWESOME summer and a very busy hectic whirlwind memorable 2 months.  We have done so many things, been so many places, visited so many people, and had so many firsts.  This is without a doubt going to be my biggest post EVER on here.  So, here is our last two months.  Have a great week!

Lillian Claire at 5 months!
 July 7th, the girls 2nd birthday!!!!  We bought the girls a barbie jeep and threw them a party with a bouncy house.  It was a hit and we had a great turn out.  All of our family and friends with their kids came.  We had a great time and so did the girls.
Daddy coming in the front door with the jeep

Pop Daddy and Mimi bought the girls their birthday outfits and barbie fishing poles.

They LOVE these things!

Opening presents

Lillian Claire shed her clothes since it was 800 degrees outside

Getting all partied out

The girls had the most adorable pants that went with the top they had on, however, it was so hot outside we had to take them off.

After the birthday party.  Gandy and Olivia were exhausted
 We went to Destin with my Dad, sister, Kevin, Cousins, and Aunt and Uncle for an entire week (Friday to Thursday) and had a great time.  I don't have those pictures but will get them from my Dad and post soon.

We came back from Destin on Thursday and left Saturday to go to Panama City with Papa Bo, Gigi, Aunt Mal, and Uncle Timmy.We didn't even unpack.  I just did some laundry and we lived out of our suitcases for 2 weeks. We had a BLAST with this crew.  Lillian Claire and I stayed still Tuesday evening and came back to Dothan.  We left the twins in Panama City with Justin's parents until Saturday, when they were coming back with his parents.We celebrated Gigi's birthday.  We gave her a beach chair towel with her name on it and a family photo shoot with the entire family that we will do in the fall.  She LOVED it!!  The girls and grandparents came back Saturday and Justin and I left all of the kiddos with his parents from Saturday until Tuesday so that we could have a mini beach trip to ourselves.  We went to Biloxi to see my Mom, Step Dad, sister, and Kevin.  We had a great time on the boat and being with everyone.

Papa Bo, Mommy, and all 3 girls squeezed into the caboose at Pier Park.

Lillian Claire makes me smile

Lillian Claire at 6 months!!!  That's right!  She goes next week for her check up.  I am betting she weighs at least 20 lbs

 Some of Lillian Claire's milestones:

  • Rolled over at 4 months
  • Teething like crazy with 2 teeth about to come through any moment
  • Sitting up like a champ
  • "Scooching", aka inch bugging around and trying to crawl
  • Talking/babbling
  • Laughs ALL the time
  • Sleeps ALL night...............I have to wake her up in the mornings
  • Eating sold baby food and snacks
  • Down to 3 bottles a day and loves her sissies is where the water works start.  The girls started their first day of (2P) Preschool yesterday.  I took the girls chalk and wrote this out the night before and prayed that it wouldn't rain until after I took their picture the next morning.  Well, as you can see it started sprinkling as soon as we started to take the picture.  If you can't read it, it says" 1st Day of 2-Preschool, 08-06-12."  This is also another special day as it was Justin's fathers 50th birthday!!! All in all the girls had a great day and love school.  They go to bed talking about it and wake up talking about it.  Lillian Claire also started nursery yesterday.  She did great.  As a matter of fact, she did a little too well.  She did not take one nap there yesterday.  Crazy!!!!

 I can't believe our babies are growing up so fast!! Time really does fly by.  Thank you God for giving us these miracles and blessing us with healthy children.  They are the most amazing gifts we could ever receive!